Underberg, KwaZulu-Natal
Sharron Berruti

I grew up in Zululand with a compelling interest in nature graduating with a degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Durban (KwaZulu-Natal).

In 2010, I began fulfilling lifelong dreams when I completed a BSC Honours (Botany) at UNISA, earning the Gold medal for the Best Honours graduate in the faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences.

I am now studying vegetation ecology on Hlogoma Mountain in Underberg for a Masters degree through UNISA.

My field work has yielded a new species of Aspidoglossum, the second known extant population for Asclepias concinna, the southernmost record of Habenaria humilior (an orchid rarely found in South Africa) and a plant list of nearly 450 species for Hlogoma Mountain.

For Sharron, there is no better day than walking in our mountains, experiencing their diversity and beauty, including identification of plant species, particularly if that species is rare, threatened or endemic to the region.

Aldo Berruti

From childhood, my interest in the natural world centred on birds. I turned this enthusiasm into a career as a research ornithologist, studying albatrosses and penguins on Sub-Antarctic islands; waterbirds at subtropical Lake St Lucia; seabirds in the Western Cape and gamebirds on the Highveld, and gained MSc and PhD degrees in ornithology. I was ornithologist at Durban Natural Science Museum. My research publications include 44 species accounts in the Atlas of Southern African Birds.

I was the first director of the restructured BirdLife South Africa, the country’s biggest bird conservation NGO, from 1996 to 2004, before becoming director of the African Gamebird Research Education and Development Trust until 2013.

As a birder, I produced South Africa’s first birding site guide (Where to Watch Birds in Southern Africa ) with Ian Sinclair, this being the first of my three popular books on birds.  Over the years, I have guided many outings, written numerous popular birding articles and run many birding courses, and I am presently active as a volunteer for conservation NGOs.

Birds are only part of my expertise in the natural world, which extends to include mammals, reptiles, butterflies and plants.
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Aldo on top of Hodgson's South
Sharron amongst Dierama dracomontanum
Aldo & Sharron on top of Rhino April 2015
Aldo looking across Sani Pass 2015
Sharron doing field work
Drakensberg Nature Tours

Sharron and Aldo are accredited KZN Provincial Nature Guides and Rock Art Custodians (AMAFA). They are members of KZN Ezemvelo Honorary Officers and the Sani Hiking Club (leading hikes).

The organisation holds substantial insurance for public and passenger liability. We provide comfortable 4x4 vehicles if required, driven by guides with Public Drivers Permits, and with cross-Birder Permits for trips into Lesotho.